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  • Origin: Middle East

  • Horn Size: 14-48 inches

  • Weight: 55-154 pounds

  • Estimated World Population: 1,200

  • Season: Year Round

The Nubian Ibex is extremely rare and one of the most impressive of all the exotics.  Their massive semicircular horns curve upward, backward, and finally down.  Having the ability to jump several times their own height and climb any terrain, hunting the extremely agile Ibex can prove to be a serious challenge for the most seasoned hunter.


  • Origin: Asia

  • Horn Size: 40-49 inches

  • Weight: 100-243 pounds

  • Estimated World Population: 5,000

  • Season: Year Round

Markhor goats are the largest of the goat species and arguably the most impressive. These endangered goats are capable of climbing large trees as well as sling-shotting themselves over 9-feet-tall fences!

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