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Axis Deer


​​​​​​Origin: Asia

  • Antler Size: 31-36 inches

  • Weight: 180-250 pounds

  • Estimated World Population: 75,000

  • Season: Year Round / Best May-September

The distinctive vivid reddish fur of the Axis deer, marked with white spots, makes it one of the most attractive species of all deer. A big buck can weigh up to 250 pounds with a beautiful set of six-by-six-antlers that can reach 30 inches or more. Axis bucks shed their antlers on their birthdays rather than in a particular season. Therefore it is not uncommon to see both hard-horned and velvet bucks at the same time. Axis are inherently very cautious and elusive and can prove to be a serious challenge for even the most seasoned hunter.

Fallow Deer

  • Origin: Europe

  • Weight: 150-300 pounds

  • Estimated World Population: 50,000​

  • Season: Year Round | Best Sept – Feb

The fallow deer has three different color varieties: White, Spotted, and Chocolate. During the winter, the coat becomes darker and thicker, and the white spots may become more difficult to see. With numerous points, their palmated antlers make fallow a magnificent and popular trophy.

Pere David’s Deer

  • Origin: Asia

  • Antler Size: 31-35 inches

  • Weight: 300-500 pounds

  • Estimated World Population: 3,000+

  • Season: Year Round | Best June – Nov 

he Pere David’s Deer, or Milou, is completely extinct in the wild.  However, huntable populations now exist on ranches in the United States.  The Pere David has a longish tail, and stands approximately 45 inches tall at the shoulder. Their color is a reddish gray with a white underbelly and a white ring around the eyes. Their antler shape is different than most deer, with forked brow tines and long slender back horns with numerous points off them. Pere David’s are the only deer to grow rear facing antler tines.

Red Stag

  • Origin: Europe

  • Antler Size: 32-45 inches

  • Weight: 750-1,000 pounds

  • Estimated World Population: 100,000+

  • Season: Year Round | Best Sept – Feb

Red Stags are the fourth largest deer species and with more than 66 points are capable of rising antlers!

Sika Deer

Japanese Sika.heic
  • Origin: East Asia

  • Antler Size: 11-29 inches

  • Weight: 66-350 pounds

  • Estimated World Population: 100,000+

  • Season: Year Round | Best Sept – Feb 

The Sika deer, also known as the spotted deer or the Japanese deer, is a deer species native to many parts of East Asia and introduced to different parts of the world. In northern Vietnam in the south to the Russian Far East in the north, it is now rare in these areas, with the exception of Japan, where the species is overabundant.

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