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PRESS RELEASE Circa June 2024…


Richards Ranch, Inc. Since 1865, operated and managed by the Hackley Family just west of Hwy 281 and Hwy 199 intersection at the west end of FM 3324 will be opening the New Richards Ranch Event Center, located at 460 Brummett Ln, Jacksboro, TX 76458 in the late summer and early fall of 2024. 


The family, Retired 5th Generation Rancher John Cater Hackley, his son 6th Generation Brent Hackley, General Manager, and his son, 7th Generation Hunter Hackley, Assistant Manager, make up the committed leadership of this nearly 25 sections of interest with the honor of very few being a Texas Historical Century Ranch.


And, like all Good Godly Men, they have an amazing Female support and advisory team of Spouses, Sisters and Daughters keeping them sustained and covered in prayer. You’ll meet them where it really counts, Here at The Ranch! 


With nearly a half century of holistic focused Award-Winning Grass & Range Management for beef production and some of the finest Texas Low & High Fence Hunting Experiences imaginable, this family has kept their Jack County sandstone and mesquite covered gem of a place somewhat a ‘Secret’ so to speak as it’s truly the gateway to the West Texas Ranching Country and most never realize is just an hour and a half west of DFW International Airport.   


This new diversified division is centered at the Richards Ranch Horse Headquarters and will be managed by Kinzee Shull, a horsewoman, instructor and clinician with a long resume of cultivating, teaching and coaching multiple individuals to World Championships and being in the Top 4 of the 2015 Year End Intercollegiate Horsemanship Competitors herself. It’s her passion for the horse and the people who cherish one of Gods Greatest Creatures that will bring a long and lasting relationship to the newest clients and soon to be Friends of the Richards Ranch along side the sales and marketing management team. 


The center focus of this new division is a customized Traditional Outdoor Arena designed as the most Contestant and Producer Friendly venue available to the public to date. The Main Arena measures 200’ x 360’ that will host equine events along with private clinics and lessons. The Arena can be divided quickly and easily in up to three separate arenas with maintained footing, lengthwise or across. Three 66’ x 360’ calf roping, breakaway or goat tying arenas can be designed to allow a competitor to make up to three go round runs in just a matter of a few minutes, then relax and get ready for the short round. All with minimal livestock handling as the competitors are working the arena ‘Down & Back’ from one end to the other. 


The same triple format within the main arena can also be used ‘across’ the setup for cutting, working cow horse, ranch horse shows and ranch sorting events. Competition on both the south and north ends with a warmup area in the center will provide a comfortable enjoyable west to east split resulting in 120’ x 200’ triple arena footprint that has easy contestant, ground equipment and cattle access without interruption.


The same works for the Team Roping events in a double arena capacity. There are boxes on both the South and North ends of the arena with stripping chutes that feed directly into the pens and lead up to keep cattle and chute labor stress low and efficient. A Producer will be able to increase the amount of runs per hour easily by moving the contestants, in any event discipline, less of a distance than previously known within the industry standard of running multiple arenas. Here, you’ll rope in the same arena from one end to the other just after getting your ropes from the stripping chute and riding less than 100’ to nod for your next one. 


The next phase of build out will provide a competing roster of contestants and their families the ability to be within just a 100’ of access to the arena with safe covered all weather horse stalls that are closely adjacent to a full-service all-weather RV Park of 50-Amp & 30-Amp connections with water and sewer dump. It too is visioned to be covered eventually allowing for maximum protection from elements that Texas Weather can and will deliver within a matter of minutes on occasion. Those traveling without a full LQ compliment that reserve a ‘dry camping’ slot will be allowed access to the RR3TX Bath House & Laundry Shed that is being designed and completed allowing horse owners and contestants a low stress- and worry-free efficient event.


Coming in the Winter of 2024 & 2025 an additional double set of permanent Ranch Sorting Arenas and stand alone Cutting Arena. All with cattle handling facilities to maximize low stress and a competitive playing field of equality.  


Equine, Bovine and Canine. The Permanent Dog Trial Pasture Course will be ready for you to watch and cheer your favorite Canine and Handler on to Victory as well in the RR3TX Challenge Series starting in September of 2024. This will be a showcase destination for some of the finest stockman-ship competitions in the World so make your Reservations Today at whether you are a competitor, traveler or producer. 


These amenities, along with a full-service Cookhouse and Ranch Chuckwagon, when available, will be onsite for your convenience with sales and delivery of Alfalfa and Shavings concessions on your pre booked reservations. Lodging for a couple of dozen of your closest family and friends and a corporate meeting pavilion are also available when your needs arise on first come and first served pre-booking arrangement. 


All RR3TX Produced and Hosted Events ‘Will Follow’ TAHC - Texas Animal Health Commission guidelines on the local, state and interstate transportation of livestock to keep your and our equine athletes, the ranch horses and cattle here safe! Be prepared to check your Coggins and Health papers DAILY at the Gated Entry, you’ll be happy and proud you did…They Truly Deserve Your Best Care so, Call your Veterinary Hospital Today!


The family and management team here at Richards Ranch seek only the finest products and solutions to accommodate the ranches 160-year regenerative program. Queen Horse Bedding allows a professional and Exclusive offering to that sustainable composting program with the Easy Sift bagged product. This means, NO OUTSIDE SHAVINGS ALLOWED ON THE RANCH! 


Our overwhelming excitement to share quality family friendly events, clinics, private lessons and educational corporate learning seminars with folks from around the world will be offered year-round, weather permitting (it’s an Outdoor Uncovered Arena so Call Before You Haul and Scroll Before You Roll ™) in all disciplines by some of the finest clinicians and equine experts in the world will be on the RR3TX Calendar so join and bookmark it now. 


We look forward to working with everyone for their needs within the equine industry from the Beginners of Beginning at a private level, to private groups and clinic settings plus all of the Major Association Affiliate Productions. 


If you feel a potential sponsorship program could be right for your upcoming annual or multiple year marketing budget and want to reach a Real Target Audience, then please let us know. We base Your and Our needs on relationships that are sustainable and trustworthy…God Bless!!!    




For more information text or call 817-694-1286 or email  

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